Research Integrity Advisors

"Integrity is the essence of everything successful"

R. Buckminster Fuller

UQ has appointed senior academic staff from each Faculty and Institute to the roles of Research Integrity Advisor. Research Integrity Advisors have extensive research experience and knowledge of the University's policy and management structure and promote the responsible conduct of research at UQ.

What is the role of a Research Integrity Advisor?

Research Integrity Advisors are able to provide advice on good research practice. They provide a first point of contact for people with concerns related to the responsible conduct of research at UQ. The Research Integrity Advisor can help a person with a concern consider the matter objectively in relation to UQ policy and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. The Advisor can assist the individual in considering how the concern might be resolved. They can also explain the possible actions for making a formal complaint.

The Research Integrity Advisor’s role does not extend to assessment or investigation of the matter or to contacting the person who is the subject of a concern. Although the Advisor’s role is limited to research-related matters, she or he can help in separating those from non-research related issues (such as bullying). The roles and responsibilities of Research Integrity Advisors are detailed in the University’s policies on research misconduct. 

Consulting a Research Integrity Advisor

Anyone with a question or concern about research practices should speak to a Research Integrity Advisor as soon as possible. Issues related to research integrity can often be avoided with early and appropriate communication.

Individuals may speak to a Research Integrity Advisor from any Faculty or Institute, depending on the nature of the concern and personal preference.

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